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Control your rates and routes.

Get paid faster with no factoring.


Spend less time matching each load with Fr8Hub. Just set your rate, routes, and trucks, and our platform does most of the work for you.

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Make Every Mile Pay


Find freight for deadhead miles or on specific routes you love.

Use Fr8Hub to find more jobs and haul the way that works best for your drivers and truck inventory.

Streamline Day To Day Workload


Tools to increase your operations efficiency

With our mobile app and online platform, you can manage your fleet and track and update your truck locations without having to call or email shippers.

Since Fr8Hub helps you streamline operations, your dispatchers are free to secure more freight and increasing truck utilization.

Fast Payment 

Get paid fast with no factoring!

By managing the BOL digitally, we can pay carriers in 2 business after a shipment is delivered, POD and invoice delivered via our market place.

Cost Transparency

Know exactly how much you’re making.

Control your own rate with transparent pricing from shippers. All usage fees are covered by the shipper, which mean Fr8Hub is completely free for you to use when you use our marketplace.

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